Technical SEO, Tips, Tricks and Tools to Keep it Simple

Hey guys this video is all about technical SEO. Most people, as they are building their SEO strategy avoid this part of their SEO strategy like the plague, mainly because they feel like it is made up of equations and scientific mysteries and the theory of relativity and mostly they just feel like they don’t understand it. Technical SEO though is really pretty simple, the concept comes down to three things. Can Google see your site, is Google welscome on your site and does you site look spammy. If you can uphold your site to these three questions then you should be find from a technical SEO standpoint. So lets talk about each one. First of all, can Google see your site? Over the last ten years a lot of people have built their sites in flash and javascript. They have used frames, they have used Ajax as a really fancy way to make their site look really visually interesting. Unfortunately Google can’t read those types of languages. Google reads typical HTML and HTML 5.

If your site is not build in those things Google is going to have trouble seeing it. I put a link under this video that gives you a tool that allows you to see your website like a search engine does. So check that out and see how you rank. Second, is Google welcome? Does your site tell Google that it is allowed to enter and allowed to index.

This is really pretty simple if you go to your you can see all the commands on your site that tell Google whether it is welcome or it is not welcome. Basically there are certain pieces of code that you can add into your site that say “disallow” “nofollow” or “noindex”. Any of those three things will make sure that you don’t show up in the search results. Some people have those things in their accidentally and need to be sure that aren’t in there. If you don’t understand this, talk to your developer and find out whether Google feels welcome when it comes to your site. The third thing you want to look at is do I look spammy to Google? So the concept is that Google doesn’t want to rank sites that are just spammy. And the first question you have to ask yourself is, are you spammy? Is your content high quality, is it unique, did you write it yourself or is it someone else’s? Those are the types of questions that if you are doing something right, typically you are not going to look spammy to Google.

But there are a few things that you should consider. First of all, if you take a piece of content from another place on the internet and you don’t reference that piece, you don’t link back to it or you don’t put a relcanonical tag in the code then you actually can get docked by Google for basically stealing someone else’s work. The second thing to think about is whether you have what is called hidden text on your page, so if you have very small text at the bottom of your page, I mean really small to where it is almost not visible, or it is the same color as the background, Google can pick those things up and find out that you are trying to put additional keywords that you are not showing to the user. Basically you don’t want anything on your site that is not ethical, that is stolen from someone else or that’s hidden from the user. If Google discovers those things they will often dock your sites and it will hurt your chances of ranking well. So those are the three things you want to think about when you think about technical SEO.

Hopefully this gets you started, answers some questions and alleviates some of your concerns. If you have liked this video feel free to give to webmaster talk a thumbs up and check out my other videos on keyword targeting, domain authority and reporting and tracking. Thanks!.