Drive More Traffic To Your Website – 3 SEO Marketing Tips

Hey guys in this video I’m going to be teaching you how to drive more traffic to your website or anything on the web through SEO marketing and I’m going to be sharing three tips with you about SEO marketing and how to succeed with it so be sure to watch till the end so today we’re going to be talking about SEO marketing and if you don’t want know what SEO marketing is it’s your search engine optimization marketing this is how you get the most traffic through search engines like Google Bing YouTube you name it anything where you can search it and try to find things that are either video related article reiated websites all of that if it’s searchable then that’s how SEO works really is someone searching it and whoever’s got the top one is doing the best with their SEO marketing and I’m going to give you three tips on how you can boost your SEO marketing

So the first way is by optimizing your titles your tags your descriptions and your URLs and with the URL one it’s more website based but with the other ones it’s all simply you can even do it on YouTube with SEO and really what I’m talking about here is you’ve got to have something that’s like very friendly to someone who’s searching that when they see that tagline they want to click on it because it’s exactly what they’re searching for and that leads into another thing is that when they’re searching for it you have to be able to show up as something searchable you can’t have something that no one’s searching or you can’t have something, so broad that everybody’s searching and everybody’s competing because based on how big you are if you’re more of a larger-scale person that gets more visitors to a website or even a youtube channel then that is one problem you’re going to have is if you’re super small you’re not going to be able to compete.

With those super keywords that are big with competition so like something like Star Wars for example just the word Star Wars you’re it’s going to be really hard to compete there because there’s so much competition with just that one word but if you stretched it out to something like a Star Wars Theory maybe something about Star Wars and they include a character’s name or something something that stretches your tags out or your description or anything that just makes you more unique compared to someone else and then we’re going to get into number two now number two is providing the useful content that the person is seeking so when you’re doing this you’ve got to provide what they’re actually after you can’t click bait them into it because you’re not going to be able to build a following that way when they saw to see something that you’ve made with it a certain title they need to be able to click on that and know they’re going to get that content in a more detailed way throughout an article or a video or something so maybe you’ve made something where you’re doing something like test driving five different cars seeing which one’s the fastest which one’s the best which one feels the best and everything when they click on that they expect you to have a test drive.

In those cars and giving your honest opinion about this you can’t just be making something up or not even providing that at all or anything like that because that could be a huge problem they’re just going to be like this was clickbait but if you actually offer that correct information to them then they may think about following you more bookmarking your website subscribing to you following you on social medias.

All that and that will definitely increase SEO because if you have guaranteed people coming back to your stuff every single day and checking it out it increases SEO more and more the more visitors you have to something the higher your SEO is going to be and finally the third one.

I’m going to talk about is mainly just for websites, but it’s registering your website with google webmaster tools and being webmaster tools now if you haven’t done this this is the most key important thing with getting some more traction so let’s take my website, for example before I had registered with Bing or Google Webmaster Tools.

I was hardly getting any traffic whatsoever and most my traffic now comes from being in Google and more Google I was surprised at how much more Google was going to give me I expected thing to get me more but it actually was Google that was giving me more and I didn’t think I was going to be able to compete on Google but actually as most people aren’t even registering with these webmaster tool sites so you’re definitely going to have to look into that to figure out how to register for that and I may go into that in another video but you are definitely going to want to register for these because this is how people search your stuff up and find it is you have to be verified with Google or being first and that will involve putting code into your website it’s not hard to do whatsoever and once you have that in someone’s searching something on Google and then are they search it and it just comes up but without that verified from webmaster on Google and Bing you’re not going to show up at all and I never got any referrals from any of those websites before I registered but after I registered tons and tons so guys that was three SEO tips if you want more SEO tips leave a comment asking for another video and I will be sure to do it and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe I do videos on business and marketing I do it on technology and YouTube and it’s very useful for building a brand so be sure to subscribe and I will see you guys in the next webmaster talk video