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Hello, everyone. My name is Philippe Fournier, associate producer on so much Cry five. red gum KNADLE: and i am red gum Knadle, a writer on so much Cry five. nowadays we’re progressing to take you thru our extended E3 demo and highlight a number of the options we’re extremely excited concerning. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. this is often the Kingdom of The Netherlands vale, a district of farmland that the project at Eden’s Gate is exploitation as their breadbasket. PHILIPPE: With North American country during this demo we’ve our loyal dog, Boomer, as your “Fang For Hire”. For currently I simply cannot resist. The setup is simply too good. i am progressing to use distractor against the cult.MARRI: The cult is stealing supplies and kidnapping people, using them to prepare for a doomsday that’s really just around the corner. We’re going to put you in the shoes of a rookie deputy and drop you into the eat of the conflict. PHILIPPE: In Far Cry 5 we want to give you tools that feel like they belong in Montana in your fight against the doomsday cult.


MAN: I’m bugging out, man. PHILIPPE: And now we’re going to make a quick getaway in case reinforcements arrive. MAN: Christ, help me. PHILIPPE: Boomer is just one of the many allies you can recruit using our “For Hire” system. Each of them has special abilities, and it’s up to you to select which companion to bring along for the ride, whether you’re exploring the open world or fighting cultists head on in a specific location. Cute dog. My dad will love to know, what type of breed is Boomer?  PHILIPPE: No seriously. MARRI: His breed is mutt, but he is mostly Blue Heeler by the looks of him. PHILIPPE: Montana is a great place to fish, and it was important for us to create a system where we allowed the players to live that experience. In the rivers and lakes of Hope County, you will find many different types of fish.


It’s a really good way for players to gain experience and also just get away from the conflict. And here we see the player needs to fight a little bit to get the fish. Nice. Catch of the day on the menu. MARRI: So it’s nice to unwind with some fishing every now and then, but we know the cult isn’t taking any breaks because they have an apocalypse to prepare for. As you explore the county, you’ll come across cultists working hard to serve Joseph, the father of their cult. They’re taking food and supplies for their bunkers.

They’re blocking the roads so no one can escape. And they’re destroying resources so the resistance can’t use them. And it looks like we spotted something up ahead. Let’s take out our binoculars. PHILIPPE: It seems like there’s a small group of cultists there.


MARRI: All right. So this looks like this is a forced baptism. What do you say we get in there, Phil? PHILIPPE: Yeah. Let’s do it. I think the best approach would be to go in stealthily through the river with Boomer by our side. I think we’re well equipped to get rid of those two guys. Here we’re using one of the iconic weapons featured in Far Cry 5, the revolver. And you’ll be able to customize those weapons by adding attachments or changing the color scheme and hunt the cult in style.


MARRI: Go Boomer. PHILIPPE: All right. Boomer is showing off one of his skills. This can really be a game changer in a fight where you’re a bit low on ammo or you don’t have the right weapon for the situation. MARRI: He’s a good dog. You know, Boomer’s a great all-arounder who can support any playstyle. Even without your commands he’ll fetch guns for you, take down cultists in a fight, and he’ll tag enemies and animals from far away with his keen sense of smell. PHILIPPE: The game being set in America, it was important for us to bring a wide variety of vehicles from pickups to tractors to big rigs like this one.  This one is specifically called “the Widow Maker”. It’s like a battering ram on wheels. It’s a great tool to create chaos and take down enemy vehicles or roadblocks. MARRI: It looks like we got one here.


PHILIPPE: Let’s do it. MARRI: Pedal to the metal. PHILIPPE: That Vaas bobblehead didn’t even move. We’re so good. MARRI: We got him glued on to the dash. PHILIPPE: Boom. MARRI: So it sounds like we’re listening to the cult radio station. I got to say, some of their hymns are pretty catchy, Phil. Now we’re pulling up to Rye and Sons Aviation. This is the home of Nick Rye. He’s a crop duster and a family man. He’s doing what he can to keep his family safe and keep the cult from getting his plane, but it looks like they’ve beaten us here, so let’s jump right in. There’s no time to waste. PHILIPPE: Let Boomer kind of create distractions for us to get behind cover and help Nick fight the cultists. In Far Cry 5 you’ll need to improvise and choose from a vast arsenal of weapons and find elements in the environment to take down the enemy. There you go. PHILIPPE: So we just took down the last cultist at Nick Rye’s using my favorite stealth weapon, a baseball bat.


Sometimes you can hear Boomer growling when he feels a threat nearby. And Boomer is just part of Far Cry 5’s living world that we’ve built where there’s always something or someone around you, whether you notice it or not. This means you’ll always need to be prepared.  Boomer will stand his ground and defend you from predators as there are a lot of moments for the players to hunt or be hunted. And we’ve built a deep ecosystem that represents Montana’s wilderness. MARRI: We’ve seen ducks, a sturgeon, deer. And this is just a small sample of all of the wild animals that you’ll encounter in Hope County. So now we’ve jumped into Nick Rye’s plane. It’s been in his family for generations, and with it we’ll take to the sky to destroy some cult silos that are hoarding explosives. PHILIPPE: The world that we’ve built is larger than any Far Cry before. And for the first time, you can explore the world in any direction that you choose right from the start.


In this demo we’re in Holland Valley and this is just one small part of Hope County. MARRI: Montana is called “Big Sky Country” after all. Flying is a great way to travel and explore the county and scout out new opportunities and also blow things up. NICK RYE: Woo-wee! Look at that go. Nice work partner. Go get the other ones. MARRI: Looks like the cult has decided to intervene. That plane belongs to a Chosen. Now, the Chosen are elite soldiers, and it’s their job to basically crush any threat to the project at Eden’s Gate. So you’ve done enough to anger the cult. We’re going to engage in a little dogfight with them and show them what we think of them. PHILIPPE: That’s right. Even in the air there’s a lot of options for the player to find or discover or get chased by.


MARRI: Get discovered. PHILIPPE: Get discovered, yeah, totally. Hunt or be hunted, as we call it. I think right now we are the predator. MARRI: Yep. We got them on the run. They’re smoking. And we did it. PHILIPPE: Well done. So thanks for watching a webmaster talk, and we’re really looking forward to showing you more. MARRI: Thank you. MAN: PlayStation, the best place to play..

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